2015 Seminar with Master George Xu






$100 one day

          must register before seminar





1. Oct. 25 Sun. 9-5pm









                Seminar 1 :  Master George Xu will teach snake, dragon, tornado, outer power, inner power, hidden power, space power, 10 Irresistible power, 4 empty theories(space power and usage theory), spiritual and internal harmony, 4 different Zhong Ding and explaination of spiritual melting center power(Zhong Ding).




Meet at 4309 Lincoln Way between 44th & 45th Ave. San Francisco, CA or call (415) 664-4578.


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Please send check or money order to :

George Xu

4309 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA 94122

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If you have any questions, please call  George Xu at (415)-664-4578 or (415)-407-2199